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Apartment in Gualba, 100 m from the square. It has a fireplace and terrace. Ideal to enjoy as a couple, family or friends.

Amenities: wifi, A/C, telephone, TV, kitchen...

Vistas de atardecer montseny

GUALBA - Montseny

Montseny is a massif that is part of the Catalan Prelittoral mountain range in Spain. It is located on the border of the districts of Vallès Oriental, Selva and Osona, like a barrier between the Catalan pre-littoral depression and the Plana de Vich. He is separated from the Guilleries by a fracture.


Gualba is a Catalan municipality located near Sant Celoni, one hour from Barcelona. This town is located next to the Montseny massif, so the main activity to do are trails surrounded by nature and natural elements such as gorges, waterfalls and fountains.

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