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montseny pantano de santa fé


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Montseny Natural Park (Barcelona) is an oasis of nature for those of us who live in the city. It allows us to escape to enjoy the sport without having to go very far in search of mountains. It is located on the border between the counties of Vallès Oriental, Selva and Osona.

Montseny is visible from many places in Catalonia and is known everywhere for the legends that house its forests and villages. It is the only Natural Park in Catalonia listed as a Biosphere Reserve and is one of the best places to find chestnuts in Spain.

A classic is to take an excursion with children to the Montseny Natural Park, which is about 50 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​between the counties of Osona, Vallès Oriental and La jungle The proximity to Barcelona makes it an easily accessible place for families looking for a different plan close to the city. Today we propose an excursion to the Santa Fe reservoir with Núria.



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